Shipping Policy

When you place an order with us, we aim to get your new green pals on the road within 1-2 business days. We do our best to keep our shipping timelines as promised, but sometimes things outside our control might cause delays. If this happens, we'll be sure to let you know and keep you updated about when you can expect your delivery.

Shipping live products can be challenging. Occasionally, severe weather forecasts may cause us to delay shipping. In such cases, we will keep you informed as the health of your plants is our top priority.

Shipping times may vary during peak summer months due to heat. We're taking every precautionary measure to protect your plants and trees. We do this to ensure they spend as little time in transit as possible.

If you're ever wondering about your shipment, feel free to drop us an email at Or if you're eager to see your new plant's progress on its journey to you, just use the tracking link from your shipping confirmation email, or click the track my order link at the bottom of our website.

Thanks for understanding! Stay green.


Once we receive your order, your plants and trees typically leave our hands and head your way within 1-2 days. After leaving our facility, our shipping partner will take over to bring your order to your doorstep, which generally takes another 2-3 business days, depending on where you're located.